What are your inspirations? Light, wind and sea An integrated design with architecture and landscape: It aimed to provide a simple and sophisticated atmosphere through a garden with colors, shapes and perfumes. “I have created bungalows that have been strategically positioned for relaxation, listening to the sound of the waves, reading a magazine or doing nothing, being outdoors in the shade, both integrated with the pool and privileging the ocean view. beach the feeling is that the sea is just your … “

Specially created by the award-winning landscaper Marcelo Bellotto, the gardens of Nau Royal grow more than 900m2 of species, wearing the garden of the sea with a modern and contemporary look that reflects a mixture of coconut palms, flowers and species that integrate with the native Atlantic forest of surroundings.

Helicones, primroses, cluseas, coconut trees, pitanguinhas, gardenias among others make up and perfume our garden.

The line of decorative pots “VASOS DA TERRA” was essential to add beauty and personality to the garden and with their earthy tones created a rustic and modern.