The activity is carried out in the waterfalls located in the neighborhood of Boiçucanga and Sertão de Camburi, being chosen by the ecotourist as their destination, both are located on trails already well known by us and in the midst of the Atlantic Forest. The adventure begins at the beginning of the trail to the

selected waterfall, traveling for 40 minutes in the middle of the forest within the Serra do Mar State Park – São Sebastião Nucleus until the arrival at the respective rappel points, where the equipment is installed and the decisions are made next to the monitors. Adrenaline is not lacking! The equipment and instructions are passed by the monitors before the practice of the sport.

Rapel is a vertical activity practiced with the use of ropes and equipment suitable for the descent of walls and free spans as well as other buildings. It is an activity created from the techniques of mountaineering which means that it requires concern with the safety of the practitioner. The activity is practiced essentially in a group where each member of the group cares about their safety and of the other companions, remembering always the past instructions.

Our monitors have knowledge about the region, experience in rappelling practice, first aid training, rescue training in remote areas, awareness courses and preservation of the environment, all to better serve ecotourists.

Location: Ribeirao de Itu Waterfall