The trekking, better known as hiking or mountain walking, goes to people who seek to relax and unwind the mind. It is a sport to be practiced outdoors, which has been growing all over the world, covering all types of people. Its practice is to know a particular region, its physical, biological, historical, social and cultural environments. Trekking people have the opportunity to enjoy contact with nature, surrounded by beautiful landscapes in places known by the few, which consists of safely starting out, exploring a new region, being able to observe the countless plants and animals.

Indigenous Reservation of Rio Silveiras

• Degree of difficulty: medium;


• Distance: 1,5 km (trail of the Rio das Antas); 2 km (Silveiras River waterfall trail);


• Average track time: 50 min (first track) and 1,5 hr (second track).


• Total time: 4-5 hours


 Located in Boracéia, only 1 km in the direction of the sierra, the Tupi-Guaraní Indigenous Reserve houses 120 Indian families in 948.40 hectares and has a special school for approximately 350 indigenous children. Preserving their culture, the natives maintain common practices such as hunting, palmito, cassava and maize cultivation, armament making and traditional painting. Our tour begins with the trail through the native vegetation of the Atlantic Forest, especially in this itinerary we are accompanied by an indigenous guide, destined to the rivers of crystalline waters and waterfalls, we cross the trails showing many curiosities like the various animals and plants, footprints of large Antas, Pacas and Cutias, in addition to what is presented by the indigenous guide. Returning from the trail, we know a little of their culture very closely, being able to talk with the Pajé, the Cacique and the families who sell their beautiful crafts and armaments, as well as painting the body of the tourists. The experience is unique, it is like diving back in time some thousands of years ago and observing the wonders of a virgin and primitive Brazil, free from the tendencies of modernity.


• Degree of difficulty: Medium


• Extension: approximately 3 km


• Total time: 3 to 4h 


The Brava Beach is located between the beaches of Maresias and Boiçucanga being accessed only by the trail or through boats by the sea. The Brava Beach trail requires a good physical training and was rated with medium difficulty, is approximately 3 km long on a unique trail. With steep and slippery stretches, the place is marked by its total conservation in the midst of the rich Forest of the Atlantic Forest, counting on several tourist points such as the mirantes, cachoeirinha, rocky coast, and, finally, the paradisiac beach of white sand. The trail lasts in average 1 h walk to the beach, largely shaded and rich in details provided by the species of plants and animals presented by biologists. Arriving at your destination you will find 500 m of white sand and clean with strong waves and good for surfing. The beach has a stream in the middle of the beach with crystal clear water that forms natural pools. Next to the rocky shore of the right corner, the visitor will find an entrance to a small trail of 15 m, where you will find a waterfall of approximately 3 meters surrounded by the forest.